Sunday, 28 November 2010

Picking Mussels with my muscles

Right then, this was a time of warmer weather in the summer.  A trip to Fistral beach inspired me to follow the likes of Hugh and do a bit of free foraging for supper.
We were camping and I decided to give mussel picking a try.  It was easy, with the tide out the huge mussels were at my mercy and I quickly collected enough for a large main course.  You have to take care to collect from an area where no stagnant or slow flowing water circulates around the mussels, as this can be dangerous, where the mussels feed on toxins and then pass them on to you.  Clean fast flowing water, high and low tides, often produces mussels without any grit.
Back at the camper van I cleaned the mussels and removed their beards before cooking them until the shells were all open, discarding any that were still shut tight (the dead ones, not to be eaten).
A quick addition of some pasta and pasta sauce and the meal was ready.  Fresh sea food from the beach to my plate in under an hour, nothing better.
This makes me a true forager, bring it on!


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