Thursday, 23 December 2010

Home made Lager and Ale

The first batch of home brew is almost ready.  We are on the second stage of fermenting.  The last amount of sugar has been added and the lager has been bottled.  At the moment it looks a little like Chicken Korma, but it's beginning to smell a little like beer.
Once the beer is clear it means its time for drinking, however it will improve with age.  Date for tasting: Tues 28th of Dec, Happy Days!

The Village People cider tasting

We held the 'Village People' cider tasting the other day.  Two of the three founders in the photo are Marcus & Mark (Two fine country folk).  The cider tasted surprisingly bad, like mud and apple juice.  I think it's about 5% proof at the moment.
The plan is to filter it, add a load of sugar and re-ferment it. This should give it a better taste and a few bubbles, I think the cold must have stopped it from fermenting to early.
I will post an update soon.
Please note, the photo was taken prior to the tasting.  The photo after the tasting wasn't pleasant.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Christmas and New Years booze

65 pints for £20, that can't be bad! That's what me and my village mate Marcus made last night. I was on baby sitting duty when Marcus turned up with two beer making kits and an idea to make cheap booze.
After drinking half a bottle of port we got to work adding the water to the syrup and hey presto we should have beer in 2 weeks.
The last time I made home brew was with my mate Richie, we drank well for months and had the beer guts to prove it.
I recommend it to anyone who likes beer and also needs to build up a bit of fat for the winter