Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Village People cider tasting

We held the 'Village People' cider tasting the other day.  Two of the three founders in the photo are Marcus & Mark (Two fine country folk).  The cider tasted surprisingly bad, like mud and apple juice.  I think it's about 5% proof at the moment.
The plan is to filter it, add a load of sugar and re-ferment it. This should give it a better taste and a few bubbles, I think the cold must have stopped it from fermenting to early.
I will post an update soon.
Please note, the photo was taken prior to the tasting.  The photo after the tasting wasn't pleasant.

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  1. The 'village' people cider tasting was exellent. I think we may be onto a winner here boys. I especially enjoyed the combination of flavours the Apple,Mud & not forgeting the brown pillow case dye. This was the special ingridient. We are taking orders from people in the village for next years batch. Thinking blue pillow cases next year what do you think.....